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Papyrus lets you create a modern blog & newsletter. We help you get discovered and grow your audience, while you earn money from paid subscriptions.

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We only make money when you do.
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Write blogposts

Use markdown to write blogposts. Publish them to a blazing-fast, privacy-first blog that looks beautiful across all devices.

Why should a blog take seconds to load?

Create a newsletter

Let your readers subscribe. Send your posts directly to their inboxes.

We help you grow your audience.

Earn money on paid subscriptions

Connect your bank account and start charging your readers a subscription fee, for access to your best posts.

Everyone can make money with Papyrus - not just the top authors.

Get paid directly by your readers.

With 1000 subscribers paying $7/month, you'll earn


per year.*

* after Papyrus takes a 5% fee.

Create beautiful blogposts

No bloat or unwanted features. Write using a beautiful Markdown-based editor and insert images, URLs and code. Export all your notes at any time.
And best of all - privacy is a core of what we do, so we'll never use trackers or cookies for you or your readers.


Markdown-based editing

Full blog export

Unlimited pageviews

“Blogging platforms like Wordpress are packed with so many features I didn't care about. Papyrus lets me get right into the important stuff - producing content.”

Marcia Hill, Content Creator

Grow your audience

Papyrus makes reading your blog a joy - no ads, subscribe popups or unnecessary bloat. Everything is blazing-fast, navigating and searching your posts are instant, and we employ SEO best practices out of the box.

Blazing fast

Instant & powerful search

SEO first

No ads, popups or paywalls

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Turn your blog into a newsletter

Let your readers subscribe to your blog, and they'll receive all your posts - straight in their inbox.

Send posts to your paid or your free subscribers

Import or export your subscribers

Earn money on paid subscriptions

Connect your Stripe account and start charging your users a recurring subscription fee for access to your best posts.

We only make money when you do

Flexible payout schedule

Full access to payment metrics via Stripe

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Blogging re-imagined

Built on React + Next.js and hosted on Vercel. All pages are statically generated. Intelligent prefetching. Globally hosted. No trackers or tracking cookies.

All of this means everything loads instantly, for you and your visitors.

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