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  • Automatically remove unused imports & variables in Vim using ALE and ESLint

    #react#javascript#vim#quicktips2 min read

    Papyrus is a blazing-fast, privacy-first, no-frills-attached blogging platform. Sign up and start writing posts just like this one. ESLint provides checks (and auto-fixes!) for a large list of Javascript and Typescript violations. Paired with a Vim plugin called ALE, these fixes can run on every save. This blogpost details how to set up ESLint and ALE in Vim, and uses a single usecase - removing unused imports & variables - as an illustration of how powerful these tools are.

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  • NextJS: server-side and client-side mismatch

    #quicktips#react#nextjs1 min read

    NextJS is powerful: it brings together the best of server-side to the best of client-side. You can build powerful applications written in React, and produce a static website which has all the speed of a regular ol’ CDN-backed website. Despite the benefits, you may sometimes hit some challenges working with both server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side hydration. One of the more common errors is when the server-side and client-side DOM doesn’t match. NextJS might complain:

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  • Personal automation with Huginn using Slack, Docker and GCP

    #tutorial#automation6 min read

    Productivity & automation tools can be powerful. I was delighted to come across a recent thread on Hacker News discussing a supercharged automation tool: Huginn. This open-source software performs automated tasks by using 'agents' to watch for 'events', and triggering 'actions' based on these events. For example, if there's a sudden spike in discussion on Twitter with the terms "San Francisco Earthquake", Huginn can send a text to my phone. Or, if a time-sensitive flight deal is posted on one of the many deal-finding websites out there, Huginn can send me an email with the price and a link to Google Flights. Compared to other popular automation tools (IFTTT, Zapier), Huginn has the following benefits:

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